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Therapeutic Lifestyle Center
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The Central Oklahoma Center for Early Detection offers one of the most unique and innovative preventative care centers in the state, dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain optimal overall health through an individualized diet and development of healthy habits. Our Therapeutic Lifestyle Center focuses on treating the whole patient. We offer behavioral counseling tailored to your lifestyle, genetics, and laboratory values, helping people to avoid disease, manage chronic issues, and live longer, healthier lives. Learn more about prevention and why it’s important here.

Our simple but effective program combines the latest in nutrition science with patient-oriented care, so you’ll receive the guidance and support you need to achieve your long-term health goals. We understand that, with every lifestyle adjustment, there comes a concern of how to maintain those changes for the long haul, so they can have a lasting positive effect. Our personalized support teams and science-based programs help patients to understand, implement, and maintain the habits necessary to achieve balanced weight loss. We’ll be with you, every step of the way.

Over the years, we’ve been a part of countless success stories from patients who have regained their high quality of life, improved risk factors, and achieved more satisfying lives than they thought possible. We work with some of the highest-risk patients and are proud to help change futures.

You can schedule your first or next appointment at the Therapeutic Lifestyle Center by calling our office number during office hours. You’ll begin working with a registered dietitian or PhD level diet coach after an initial consultation. All patients are welcome—one does not have to be a private patient of Dr. Dimick’s to participate in the program. We love working with patients to help them reach their goals, and there is nothing more rewarding than sharing in their individual successes. If you need support in our weight-loss efforts, or guidance in establishing heart-healthy habits, talk to Dr. Dimick’s staff today.

Our Team


Karen Barnes

Ph.D., M.S., R.N.

My education includes three degrees from the University of Oklahoma; a BSN; a Master of Science with a major in Nursing (clinical nurse specialist pathway); and a doctorate in Adult and Higher Education. I have taught in the undergraduate nursing programs at OSU and UCO, and the graduate nursing programs at OCU and UCO. Currently, I teach part-time as a Distinguished Emeritus Faculty Fellow at UCO in the Industrial Safety program and the Graduate Nursing Program. Teaching focuses and research interests have been in adult learning, gerontology, self-directed learning, active teaching strategies, and motivation. I am a Registered Nurse in Oklahoma and hold an Oklahoma Standard Teaching Certificate in Vocational Health Occupations. Active professional memberships include Sigma Theta Tau and Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association.

My clinical practice has been in cardiovascular nursing with focuses on prevention and patient education. Presentations have been to a variety of groups, primarily in the area of issues relations to aging, adult education, and medication management for older adults. My dedication in teaching centers on facilitations of learning for adult learners and working together to achieve a desired health outcome.

Q and A:

1. Can anyone safely and successfully follow this lifestyle?

Generally, this diet program is safe for most people, however if you have a serious medical condition, approval from your doctor may be needed.

2. What if I have certain dietary restrictions like vegetarian/vegan, soy, gluten?

Food allergies/intolerances can be managed as well other dietary restrictions. Our program offers products that are soy and gluten free.

3. What if I’m not available to make it into the office?

Our health coaches are available through virtual telehealth visits.

4. What if I'm on the go and eat out a lot?

Not an issue, our coaches help to guide anyone with a hectic and busy schedule, by teaching healthy options and ways to make better food choices while out to eat and on the go.

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Our 4 Step Program

Step 1: Eating Habits

This step is followed until you have reached 80% of your weight loss goal.

  • Breakfast - protein meal
  • Lunch - protein meal with 2 cups of veggies and unlimited salads
  • Dinner - 8 oz. protein of your choice with vegetables and unlimited salads
  • Daily Snack - protein bar or snack item

Step 2: Adjustment

Follow this step you reach 100% of your goal weight!

  • Two Therapeutic Protein Foods per Day
  • Therapeutic Protein food for breakfast
  • Protein and 2 cups of vegetables for lunch
  • Protein and 2 cups of vegetables for dinner
  • Unlimited salads and raw vegetables
  • And 1 therapeutic protein snack

Step 3: Transition

The transition step is a 14 day gradual reintroduction of healthy carbohydrates and fats in the morning only. Your lunch and dinner remain the same.

Step 4: Maintenance

We recommend monthly maintenance visits for 2 years, as up to 80% of people will regain weight without this accountability. Maintenance is based on a few simple principles.

After completing our program, it's time to enjoy the freedom you have while maintaining your new shape and health!


Downloadable Forms and Handouts

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