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Quality, Comprehensive Tests

We collaborate with Atherotech Diagnostic Labs, Health Diagnostics Labs, Cleveland Heart Labs, Boston Heart Labs, and Berkeley Heart Labs all of which offer the most comprehensive tests available today. Our agreement with these labs allow us to offer the advanced lipid tests at little out-of-pocket expense to those patients that are without insurance coverage for these test. Call us to see if you qualify to take advantage of this offer and to make an appointment for a lab draw and office visit. Friends and family are also welcome to have their labs drawn and have their results forwarded to their Primary Care Physician (PCP).

NMR includes:

  1. LDL particle concentration (LDL-P) Optimal <1000 nmol/L
  2. Insulin resistance score (IR Score) Optimal <45/100
    This test provides information about the risk for diabetes and also data that allows us to determine alternative treatment options for high cholesterol other than traditional therapies; also helps determine whether patients are at risk for metabolic syndrome and abdominal weight gain.
  3. Traditional lipid panel:
    Total Cholesterol Optimal <200
    LDL cholesterol Optimal <100
    HDL cholesterol Optimal >50 for women, >40 for men
    Triglycerides Optimal <100

Absorption and Synthesis Markers

Determines if your liver is making too much cholesterol or over absorbing it. This helps determine appropriate diet, supplement and medication options.

Omega 3 index

Determines omega 3 level in red blood cells. Low levels are associated with increased cardiovascular risk. Optimal > 8-10%. This helps determine whether an increase in omega 3 supplements (EPA/DHA) or increased consumption of fish high in omega 3 are indicated.

Apo B

Marker of the atherogenic particles, more predictive of cardiovascular risk than LDL cholesterol.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Baseline liver, kidney, diabetes screen.

25 OH Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent and associated with increased cardiovascular risk. Optimal >50-90.


Common deficiency which also may be depleted when using certain therapies such as Metformin. Levels are followed and over the counter supplements added as needed.

Lipoprotein (a)

Highly atherogenic particle associated with increased cardiovascular risk. This is genetically determined and not modifiable by diet or exercise.