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Free Market Medical Association

Proud Member

Dr. Dimick is a proud member of the Free Market Medical Association, a group of healthcare providers and consumers dedicated to transparent, free market healthcare. The idea behind the FMMA is simple: if the cost of healthcare goods and services are fixed and truly transparent, cost will go down and the quality of care will go up. Buyers and sellers of healthcare goods and services will have a clear understanding of their value, enabling the purchasing power of the consumer to guide the market.

The FMMA is a nonpartisan group that consists of both buyers and sellers of healthcare goods and services. Together, they work to connect individual patients with self-funded employers who embrace healthcare transparency, providing resources, support, and education to both members and the public about the importance of the free market movement.

The Pillars [CW1] of the FMMA are clear and accessible to members, as well as the public. These are the fundamental tenets behind the FMMA’s approach to free market healthcare, emphasizing the need for fixed, mutually beneficial pricing for care and care products. The FMMA believes these Pillars—Price, Value, and Equality—are the foundation of any well-functioning market wherein price represents an agreement of value between buyers and sellers.

Third party involvement can incentivize price increases and distance buyers from the most critical information—the actual price they’ll pay for goods and services. The FMMA believes in the importance of a direct connection between buyer and seller. With a fixed pricing, made available to the consumer, and cash payments directly from buyer to seller, you get exactly what you pay for, and know exactly why you’re paying what you are. By establishing a transparent, fixed price and a defined product from the get-go, FMMA members open the door for consumers to make informed decisions about their healthcare, tying the market value of goods and services to the experience and needs of the consumer, as well as the seller. It’s a two-way street.

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For more information about free market healthcare, or about joining the FMMA

Visit their website at fmma.org.

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